Ruscher Visuals


b. 1986, HK.


Ruscher Visuals

helps businesses grow, bringing them new clients every month by producing powerful commercial campaigns. We look for companies that want to grow their business utilizing the power of social media. It’s not enough to just post content online and hope people see. We want the RIGHT people to see it. More importantly, we want people to see it and act on it. Turning leads in to sales is what our process is all about. This is the challenge we love. The creativity in social media marketing is what gets your message in front of the right people. More views get more clicks and more clicks get more sales.

Ruscher Visuals puts a huge amount of time into pre-production and strategy. One of our keys to growth is understanding your business. What does your company do, who is it for, and why are just some of the topics we get into. Almost as important as your business is understanding exactly who your clients are.


Rob Ruscher

started Ruscher Visuals in 2009 when he was in his senior year of college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He was getting hired to shoot events on and off campus and dreamt of the day he’d be able to have his own company. That dream took him to some amazing places. More than that, he has had the honor to tell stories of others and create life-lasting relationships.

These connections are what drive Ruscher Visuals to not just make good content, but the right content. With a purpose and plan, Ruscher Visuals is set out to produce content that gives their clients trackable results. We target clients looking to build their business from consistent content tailored specifically to their industry.

Not only does Rob manage Ruscher Visuals, but he actively works as a freelance Director of Photography and MōVI Operator. You can check out his personal work here.


Flexibility to Produce Real, Profitable, Results.

In this industry, flexibility is key. Some content can be produced by one person on our team, but often we need a larger scale project over multiple days. This is what makes Ruscher Visuals so powerful. We contract out the best fit for each project. Rob has worked all over the country (18 flights in 2018!), attends industry events, and event runs a private community on Facebook with the best in the business. This gives us the unique ability to bring in talent no matter where the project takes place. No one wants to pay for the overhead of a huge company when it isn’t always needed. But when it is, we can crew every role needed to make sure our content is exactly what it needs to be.